A New Crafty Adventure… Make and Meet!

2014 was a major year for me craft-wise, creating the many, many handmade things I wanted for my wedding, but more on that another time. Truth be told, immediately after the wedding I needed a break from all things craft, and also needed to surrender the sewing room so that my new husband could use it as a space to study for his NVQ.

Fast forward to 2015, inspired by the Sewing Bee, I decided that me and my sewing machine needed to be together again (And also that I needed a Claudia-esque fringe. Yes, I took the plunge). Alongside this, my good friend Fizz was ploughing ahead with her craft business, leaving me completely inspired to be creative again. At one of the craft fairs I attended, I met the lovely Merrie from The Peachy Pair, who told me all about ‘Make and Meet’, a new crafting event in my hometown. Needless to say, I was very excited. Previously I’d had to travel and pay to attend workshops to meet such like-minded crafters, this was just what I needed in my life.

The first event was later that week which meant that I had minimal time to talk myself out of it (I was a little terrified about going alone, what if no-one spoke to me?), also, what would I take along to work on? Luckily, The Peachy Pair had thought of everything and would have kits for sale, officially no reason not to go!

On the night itself, I was warmly welcomed and sat down with some lovely ladies who were busy knitting and crocheting away. I decided to treat myself to a beautiful ‘Be Brave’ cross-stitch kit, based on a gorgeous calligraphy by Merrie, it felt very appropriate at the time! With tea and homemade cake a-plenty (including the most gorgeous lemon cake), we were soon were all talking, and it was so lovely to meet some new people! Having lived in the same town all my life, I sometimes take for granted that there are new people moving here all the time.

Two hours passed swiftly, and I left already looking forward to the next event. Feeling completely inspired, I finished my cross-stitch that weekend and am now debating what to do with the finished product. Ideas are appreciated! The next day, I also invested in some wool and knitting needles, perhaps my project for the next time? Make and Meet is definitely going to become a regular event in my calendar, the room was filled with so many different crafts; knitting, crochet, sewing, and some impressive trees made from magazines (hard to explain, but trust me, they looked GOOD), so I’m going to try and take a different thing each time to work on, and hopefully finally learn to knit!

Be brave

Anyone else found any good crafting groups that they would recommend? Or ideas for crafts for me to try next time?

Em x

5 thoughts on “A New Crafty Adventure… Make and Meet!

  1. Was such a lovely evening wasn’t it?! Without bragging I think my mam and I were the knitter and crocheter, and we had such a great time too. Unfortunately I can’t make the next two (gutted), but hopefully see you at another some time in the summer!


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