Birthday Biscuits!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, real men craft. It was recently Mr Makes and Bakes’ birthday. We usually spend a day shopping in London for this occasion, however this year he wanted to do something a bit different. When looking for birthday presents, I stumbled across the Biscuiteers website and saw that they offered biscuit decorating classes at their Notting Hill store. Mr Makes and Bakes loves baking (although more bread than biscuits), and he loves eating biscuits, we were onto a winner!

IMG_1147The class we booked was ‘London’ themed, perfect for a big day out in the capital (and not too girly! ). We’d be recreating lots of London icons in sugary goodness, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, a trusty Tube sign, and a traditional black taxi.

Upon arriving, we were instantly in awe of all the beautiful things that the Biscuiteers make and were eager to get started. We were whisked down to the icing cafe, offered tea/coffee in lovely stripy mugs, and quickly got on our way. The session started with a quick icing lesson, learning some basics, but it wasn’t long before we began decorating some actual biscuits. For the biscuits, we worked with royal icing, using a mixture of piping bags to create outlines and then filling in with ‘flooding’ icing (a bit more watery and in some funky plastic bottles). The biscuits were then popped into a low oven to dry out before we added the ‘proper’ detail.  This was a bit more fiddly and required a very steady hand, but the tutor was really helpful, telling us lots of tips as we went along.


The class was two hours long, which flew by, and before you knew it we had each had a lovely batch of decorated biscuits. We packed them up into matching London themed tins and were presented with certificates confirming that we were now official ‘Biscuiteers’. The session was really enjoyable, with a laid back atmosphere. It got the official seal of approval from the Birthday Boy, who has since proceeded to buy not only the Biscuiteers book, but also icing bags, sugar, cutters, and colouring! A definite sign of success! I’m now on the look out for more crafty things that we can do as a couple.

Have you been to any good classes recently?  Any recommendations for crafty days out?

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