Lucky Dip Club: April Box

I’ve been coveting the Lucky Dip Club boxes for ages, but with a few magazine subscriptions and a beauty box subscription already going out of my account each month, I couldn’t justify the extra cost. After much time spent following Lucky Dip Club on Instagram, I decided that instead of the endless mini bottles of shower gel and lipglosses I was receiving (and not using), the LDC would be a much better way to spend my cash!

New subscriptions go on sale at 7am on the first day of each month, the first two months I tried to get a subscription, I was unsuccessful (completely overslept!), but on a cold Sunday morning in March, I finally got a subscriber slot! The only thing to do now was wait for my first box to arrive! I have to confess that with the excitement of the first package dropping through the door, I completely forgot to take any photos at all, and promised myself that I would be more patient with the April box. So, here are my thoughts…

The theme of April’s box was ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’, I must admit that I’m not really a cat or dog lover, so I was a little bit nervous that I wouldn’t like this month’s goodies. I am however, a big fan of cartoon pugs, so I was over the moon when I finally opened up my box!

Here’s a run-down of what I received:

Gemma Correll badge and necklace set: I adore the work of Gemma Correll, and love her ‘Pugs not Drugs’ t-shirts. This set included two very cute dog and cat badges, and an umbrella necklace, which has already been worn twice!

Sausage dog sticky notes: I get through a lot of sticky notes at work, and hate the boring ones we usually have, so will be using these to brighten up my desk!

Rainbow charm: I loved last month’s charm (a swan), and although I don’t think I’ll wear this months charm as much, the cute teddy bears remind me of my little sister, as it’s something she would love!

Personalized bookmark: I have wanted a proper bookmark for ages, and usually resort to using scraps of paper/old receipts to mark my pages, but I now have a lovely personalized ‘E’ bookmark! I love letterpress stationery, so this was a lovely surprise!

Bookplates: Two lovely bookplates with more Gemma Correll illustrations! The pug one went straight in the front of a new notebook I bought at the weekend.

IMG_1252 IMG_1170 IMG_1253 IMG_1251

This is the second Lucky Dip Club box that I have received, and I’m so glad that I decided to cancel my beauty box to get this! One of things I love most about the LDC is that it really feels like a community. I really like the fact that the numbers are limited, as it makes the boxes feel even more special. I also love how the founder, Leona, interacts with all the subscribers on social media, making it feel really personal, and that you are genuinely valued as a subscriber. This month (May), I’ll be getting two boxes as I also managed to bag one of the limited edition anniversary boxes, I can’t wait!

Do you subscribe to the Lucky Dip Club? Any recommendations for other crafty subscriptions?

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