Recent Makes!

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t blogged for a while now. Life has been pretty hectic, but I have at least been able to fit in some crafting during the quieter moments!

So what have I been up to?

For one thing, I’ve been doing more crafty socialising! I loved my first experience of Make and Meet so much (read more here) that I have been to the next two events. This of course gave me an excuse to treat myself to some new crafting supplies. I toyed with the idea of taking along my sewing machine but worried that I’d be too unsociable! Instead I picked a gorgeous kit from Jenny Blair Designs, which would enable me to still engage in the crafty conversation and most importantly, eat cake! (This was a good decision, Nicola’s chocolate brownies were AMAZING). Although I didn’t finish the kit in one sitting, I was able to finish it within a few evenings (admittedly those evenings were spread over a few weeks), and I’m so happy with the final result. Jenny’s designs are gorgeous and I’d certainly recommend her kits. They are so simple to follow, yet complex enough to feel that you’ve really achieved something!

Sewing complete, but finishing still to be done!
Finished and hanging up!

Continuing on the embroidery theme, I bought a kit from The Make Arcade for my next Make and Meet. I loved the simplicity of the design and the gorgeous colours. This one is still work in progress, but I hope to complete it very soon!


Fancying a change from sewing, I’ve also been decorating some Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters from Onestopcraftshop. I’ve been wanting some light up letters for a while now, but they have always been really expensive. I saw these kits some time ago, and had added them to my mental wish-list of craft projects, so was over the moon with excitement when I came home one day to a surprise delivery, my other half had secretly ordered them for me! The letters are so simple to decorate, you can also buy special washi tape which is sized perfectly to fit around the outside, but I chose some sparkly aqua paper, which was easy to cut using the included templates. The lights are really straightforward to fix, and the design meant that the lights hold the paper in place, so I can easily swap the paper in future if I suddenly fancy a change. Considering the lights are battery powered, I’m really impressed by how bright they are, my younger sister liked them so much that she has now requested some for her birthday!


And finally, I’ve also made sure not to neglect my trusty sewing machine. A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop to teach you how to make your own pyjama bottoms. After the session, you were allowed to keep your pattern. I vowed to make many more pairs, but have to confess that until yesterday had never got around to it. Part of the reason is that pj bottoms in general require around two metres of fabric, which can be costly. I found some reasonably priced flamingo print online, and decided to finally make my second pair. The pattern itself was really easy to follow, and I soon had some beautiful custom pjs. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with my pattern matching, I tried so hard to align the fabric, and did everything I was supposed to, but it was still slightly out!  I came to the conclusion that the fabric was probably printed slightly wonky. I decided to jazz up my pjs with my first ever patch pocket. I can’t believe I’ve never patch-pocketed before, it was so easy! I’m already looking for more garments to customise, including trying to convince the other half that his work shirts would look much better with a polka dot pocket!


I’m so pleased with all of my recent makes, next on the list is to finally learn to knit, and to make bunting for one of my best friends’ new house.

What have you been making recently? Any recommendations for kits/fabrics/patterns?

Thanks for reading,

Em x

p.s. find me on Instagram em_makesandbakes

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