Lucky Dip Club Loveliness!

IMG_1542It’s been some time since I last blogged about my Lucky Dip Club subscription. I’m still a monthly subscriber, and opening my box has become a genuine highlight of each month! There have been some fab boxes recently, so here’s a round-up of my favourite pieces.


Anniversary Box

I was lucky enough to bag one of the limited-edition birthday boxes and was really looking forward to what was in this special box! I wasn’t disappointed, although there were less goodies than usual, I loved everything.

I adore stationery and postcards, so was over-the-moon with the full pack of postcards, documenting all of the themes from the last year. These are already decorating my desk! I’m also slightly addicted to bags, so was thrilled with the Lucky Dip Club tote bag, which I’ll be using to house some of my crafty supplies.

The highlight of this box however, was the fantastic ‘yay’ brooch. I love perspex jewellery but am distinctly lacking in brooches, so this was a welcome addition to my collection. The blue colour will go with so many of my clothes!


Vintage Village Fete Box

Admittedly, Summer is definitely not my favourite season, but this box certainly put me in the summery mood! In addition to a cute personalised ice cream brooch, temporary tattoos, a notecard, and of course the monthly charm, was an amazing flower crown by Crown and Glory. I’m desperately trying to find something to wear it too, but in the meantime I’ll just use it to look pretty whilst I’m crafting.

Dinosaur Box

I’m definitely saving the best until last, with the June Dinosaur-themed box. I was so excited to get this one and seeing what was inside! I loved ALL of it, but it’s a three-way tie for my favourite piece with the pink felt dinosaur coaster (way too nice to put a mug on), the personalised dinosaur cactus creeper (I need to buy a plant, just to house this!), and DINOSAUR WASHI TAPE! I already own more washi tape than I could ever possibly use, but I intend using this to wrap all of my presents from now on. As the dinosaurs are green, I might even have a dino them for my Christmas wrap this year!


I’m still really happy with my Lucky Dip Subscription, I think the boxes are fantastic value, and they really do brighten up the end of each month. If you don’t subscribe, I’d highly recommend setting your alarm for 7am on the 1st August to try and get a box (they sell out within the hour!).

Do you subscribe to the Lucky Dip Club? Do you have any other monthly subscriptions?

Em x

4 thoughts on “Lucky Dip Club Loveliness!

      1. Yes! After a few weddings etc I can actually make it 😀 hoping to bring a few others too. Can’t wait! (Can’t decide what to bring either!!)


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