Creating a Creative Space

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy trying to sort out our new home. We recently moved house, and the most exciting part was that I was finally going to get a room all of my own for crafting.

In our old house, I’d started with the best intentions. Me and Mr Makes and Bakes were going to share the spare room. In reality, my stuff took over, and the Playstation made its way into the living room. As I crafted, he was busy winning the FA cup. The only problem was that I was sharing the room with a double bed and I just needed more space!

When looking at new homes, I bargained sole use of the spare room with the agreement that I stayed clear of the garage, so it could be used as a Man Cave. As I sit here typing on a cold February afternoon, I think I got the better end of the deal.

Now that we are unpacked, I can think about how I’m going to use the space. I’ve always known that I need more storage, and I also need a bigger desk. I’d previously been using quite a small one, and was constantly having to move things off and onto the floor just to make use of my sewing machine! A quick trip to Ikea has sorted that. I’ve gone for plain white furniture as I want to have lots of colourful accessories. The only exception is my fantastic desk chair, this gorgeous orange one, which I picked up last year.

I’ve accumulated lots of postcards and prints, which for now I’m going to be displaying on twine strung between picture hooks. This idea was given to me by Rachel from Sew Happy, Sew Healthy and I’m happy to say that it looks great!

Aside from sewing and crafting, I also want my space to be somewhere that I can relax. I’ve recently been trying to do a bit more yoga, and I’d like somewhere quiet I can do that in the evenings. I’m going to be thinking about how I can incorporate that into my decorating plans. my initial thoughts are finding some quotes that I can rewrite in calligraphy, and either frame or paint on the walls. Any ideas here will be greatly appreciated though!

I’ll be sure to post some pictures as my decorating progresses, but for now watch this space!


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