Easter Crafting

Happy Easter! Easter is one of my favourite times of year. Not only do we get a super long weekend, lots of chocolate, and hot cross buns, but the days are getting longer, it’s generally a bit warmer, and everything seems, well, better.

It’s our first Easter in our new home, and I wanted to make some nice things to decorate the house with, and of course treats to eat!

IMG_2828In the last year, I’ve gone pretty much gluten-free. ‘Pretty much’ in that I know it makes me feel really yucky, but I still have tiny amounts now and again. I used gluten-free cornflakes to make these cornflake cakes. Nothing too complicated here, melted some chocolate, threw in some cornflakes, and popped them in cute polka dot cases. Of course, they had to be topped with Mini Eggs. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that are the most effective, and these were yummy!

Craft-wise, I wanted to create some nice things to put around the house. You should know IMG_2816by now that I love a bit of bunting. I didn’t have the time to make some fabric flags so made some paper bunting instead. I picked up a small pack of pastel themed papers from Hobbycraft, and used these to make paper flags. I then cut some little white bunnies and attached using double sided tape. This is a really good ‘do whilst watching Netflix’ craft, and Mr Makes even helped out on this one.

IMG_2910I’m a regular subscriber to Mollie Makes, but I’m not very good at making the cover kits. It’s not that I don’t like them, I really do, I just never seem to get the time to actually do them! This month the cover gift was some cute fabric animals which you can embroider and make into hanging decorations. These were so easy to make, and are probably going to be gracing my craft space all year round. I particularly loved the bright yellow patterned fabric included for the backing.

Finally, I wanted to make something to practice my hand-lettering skills, and came up with a decorated paper easter egg. Hobbycraft sell cheap plain eggs which are ready for decorating. Using acrylic paint, I simply painted the egg a turquoise colour, and then painted on ‘Happy Easter’ in a silver metallic paint. I’m really happy with how this turned out, and the polka dots seem to finish it off nicely!


Hope you have had a lovely long weekend too!

Em x

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