Why Won’t I Colour?

I’m a craft addict. There I said it. I like trying all different sorts of crafts, and trying new things, so perhaps I’m actually more of a craft collector? In any case, if there is a craze, I’m probably going to attempt it. Adult colouring books are one of those crazes.

My Sister gave me a colouring book for Easter last year (I’d specifically requested no chocolate), and I was rather excited. This was a blast from the past, and I couldn’t wait to get started. Soon after, I bought myself a bigger colouring book, this would help me de-stress at the end of a long day, or so I told myself. I had totally bought into the hype.

My Sister’s colouring, so neat!

So, this is going to be a post raving about how much I love colouring? Afraid not. A year on, and my colouring books sit largely empty. The new set of pencils which I bought have been used for all kinds of other things, but not much colouring. Everyone I know seems to own a colouring book. When I told my Mum and Sister that I was writing this post, I was immediately given three books to photograph. The whole of Britain seems to be on-board, an Independent article last month reported a pencil shortage, so why have I not become a colouring addict?

One of my Sister’s colouring books, she is a huge Doctor Who fan!

Perhaps the issue is that colouring reminds me too much of my childhood and I see it as childish? Looking back, I don’t actually think I was ever into colouring. My best ‘creative’ memories are of me making things from scratch, having the freedom to make whatever I wanted. Give me a blank piece of paper and a pen, that paper will be returned to you with a series of random doodles. Give me a box, and I will make that box into a spaceship/car/washing machine.

I also find colouring too repetitive, which fits with why I don’t enjoy certain other crafts, such as cross stitch. I don’t find doing the same thing over and over relaxing, it irritates me. I like variety, and I like to freestyle it a bit too, this coupled with a desire to be neat (no going outside the lines) means I’ve come to the realisation that colouring is not the craft for me.

The one bit of colouring I actually managed!

So, is this just a rant? Sort of, but what I’m trying to get across is that it’s ok to not buy into the latest craze, it’s ok to not be good at everything, and it’s ok to say that you just don’t like something! My time for creative activity is limited, so surely it’s better to spend that time doing the things I truly love?

Having said that, I’m going to give the colouring books one last chance, I’ve spotted an Orla Kiely colouring book. I’m a huge fan of Orla’s designs, so maybe this is the book to win me round!

Disclaimer: No colouring books were hurt in the making of this article. They have safely been returned to their owners, or will be re-gifted to those who will love them more than me!


3 thoughts on “Why Won’t I Colour?

  1. I’ve not got one – I’ve been tempted a few times but then I have a quick flick through the pages and put them down. I think I know I won’t dedicate the time to them, and they don’t grab me enough to want to make it. I’m so relieved I’m not the only one!


  2. I haven’t got a colouring book either, although I have joined in with my 7 year old daughter’s colouring. It feels great for about 10 minutes and then I get bored, so it is not an activity for me.


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