Happy National Stationery Day!

IMG_0401I love pencils. I love pens. I adore notebooks, and I own a good few pencil cases. It’s safe to say that I’m a huge stationery fan and as it’s National Stationery Day/Week, I thought it was only right to post about my love of stationery.

For as long as I can remember, pens and pencils have been my thing. I can still feel the excitement of opening a brand new pack of Crayola colouring pens, where the black still works and the yellow hasn’t been tainted by the other colours. Then when they started to run low, clicking them all together to make a tower or a stick to bash your Sister with.

I loved the day before a new school year where I excitedly packed my pencil case. It wasn’t the excitement about school itself, but all the shiny new stationery just waiting to be used. My teenage years brought a new wave of stationery, those ink eraser pens that smelt funny, bottles of rapid dry tippex with a perfect little sponge brush which would soon become crusty, and of course, gel pens! Gel pens were huge at my school, first trying to collect all of the colours and then came scented pens! If I close my eyes, I can still smell my favourite, a popcorn pen in a creamy white colour.

Sixth form brought a wealth of folders, expertly decorated with band pictures I’d cut out of NME, and many, many notebooks. This trend continued into well into my University days. I sat in lectures looking at people typing notes on their laptops and wondered why they would do it that way when you could write it all down in a notebook?

In my adult years, my love of stationery is alive and well. Lunch breaks are spent browsing Paperchase, stocking up on things I probably don’t need, often notebooks. I have a notebook for pretty much everything. However, I find new notebooks are equally exciting and terrifying, what am I going to write on the first page? Is my handwriting going to be neat enough? In reality my handwriting has always been neat. I’m quite proud of it, and I often get complimented on it. In comparison, Mr Makes’ handwriting is near illegible, yet he still loves a good notebook as much as me (open his work bag and you’ll find at least two). In comparison, he doesn’t worry about how his writing looks, he just likes using them. Maybe I’m missing a trick here?

In honour of National Stationery Week, I’ve done a round up of my favourite stationery items. Some are much used, some are quite new, but what I like the most about all of these is that they inspire me and enable me to create.

My Top 5 Stationery Picks!

IMG_0396Smythson notebook

My husband gave me this as a wedding present, it even coordinated with our colour scheme! It is BEAUTIFUL, but I am yet to write anything in it, for fear of not doing it justice, a notebook this wonderful can’t be wasted!


Ban.do pens

A recent investment. These are not the cheapest pens, but the mottos are cool, and they write really well (no lumpy ink!). I’m already looking at their other designs!

IMG_0398Kate Spade notebook

Another gift from the husband, I arrived back from a work trip to find a beautiful box with this inside. Gold foiled spotty endpapers, rainbow ribbons, and a pink cloth cover with gold blocking make this notebook one of dreams! This one has been used for work stuff that I’ll need to read again, it feels like I’m writing my own book!

IMG_0399WhSmith graphite sticks

I’ve had these for about 12 years and they are still going strong. Originally in a tin, but now just in my pen pot, I love these for drawing. They have a really smooth coating which I find more comfortable than a traditional pencil.

IMG_0400Washi tape 

I think most of stationery lovers would agree that washi tape is an essential. I use this to seal envelopes, decorate things, and also for more practical uses, such as marking seam allowances on my sewing machine. I particularly love glitter and metallics!

I think it’s safe to say that my love of stationery is not going away soon, but as I look around my craft room, I can probably say that I won’t be needing a new notebook anytime soon!

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Stationery Day!

  1. Washi tape is definitely an essential, as are fun post it notes! And yay for husbands who bring notebooks as presents – my absolute all time favourite (an Essie notebook covered in flowers) came from one of H’s business trips!!

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