Why I’ll be Attending Blogtacular 2016


Blogtacular 2016 is only five weeks away. It’s safe to say that I am VERY excited, especially given that I booked my tickets on the day they were released.

For those of you who don’t know what Blogtacular is, it’s a conference for creative bloggers. I’ve been aware of the conference for a while now, thanks to Mollie Makes. I contemplated going in 2015 but was unable to attend as I had already booked a holiday. Looking back, although it pained me to see all of the wonderful posts on social media, I don’t think I was ready. I should stress immediately that this is not a reflection on the conference itself. For me personally, I know that this year, I’m feeling more confident in general about my blog, and that will enable me to make the most of the event.

Given that it’s been a year in the making, I thought that it would be good to come up with some goals for the conference. I’ve been trying to think about what I really want to come away with, so that I can look back with a sense of achievement.

Perhaps my biggest goal is networking. I’ll be attending with my crafty partner-in-crime, Handmade by Holchester. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with Rachel, but I’m also keen to make some new contacts (and friends!), who just ‘get’ what I do! I’ve made some fantastic connections on social media, both organically and through regular events like the Blogtacular twitter chats, it will be great to finally meet all these lovely people in person.

My second biggest goal is to build my blogging confidence. I’m still new to the blogging world, and I want to come away thinking ‘Yes! I CAN do this’. From my interactions with the Blogtacular community so far, I’m sure that this will happen and I’m going to come away armed with loads of helpful tips!

Finally is inspiration. I find myself surrounded by inspiration every day, primarily through social media. However, you can’t beat simply meeting other creative folk and seeing what they are doing. I’m hoping to come away with lots of ideas for my blog, not just content, but also design, photography, and more!

I’ve been really impressed with everything Blogtacular so far. It’s more than a conference, it’s podcasts, Facebook groups, twitter chats, but most importantly, it’s truly a community. I’ve never felt out of place, my views are just as valuable as those who have been doing this a lot longer than me, and I genuinely feel part of something fantastic. During one of the regular Wednesday twitter chats, I received the following tweet from one of my creative idols, Allison Sadler:

I still remember reading this tweet and smiling from ear to ear. It reminds me that yes, I am still a newbie, but I have an exciting path ahead. I’m excited about this next step of my blogging journey!

If you are also going to Blogtacular, I’d love to know!

I’ll also be doing regular updates throughout the conference, follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see them.



3 thoughts on “Why I’ll be Attending Blogtacular 2016

  1. Hello, I’m going!. I’ve been blogging for years but this will be my first Blogtacular. I’m looking forward (and a bit nervous) meeting all the “creative” bloggers, but because I love the twitter chat I’m confident the day will be amazing. See you there.


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