A Very Productive Week

IMG_0805It feels like every spare minute of the last week has been spent making! Make and Meet as well as preparing for Blogtacular next week has provided lots of opportunities for creating.

June Make and Meet

IMG_0802I often use Make and Meet as an excuse to treat myself to a kit, but instead I opted for one of my ‘makes in progress’ (aka things I started but have since forgotten about). Top of this list was a lovely embroidery from The Make Arcade. I started this about a year ago, almost completed it, and then for some reason never finished it. In reality, it was about 20 minutes work to get this done, and now I can look at it with a sense of pride, rather than shame!

Another Coco

IMG_0783A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog post about my first Coco dress. I loved it so much that before I had even had the chance to wear it, I was already ordering more fabric. The Tilly and the Buttons website has a load of information on the Coco pattern, including some tweaks you can make. I fancied having a go at a short sleeve and yoke combination, Tilly’s instructions are so clear that it felt very much achievable.

Now I could pretend that this dress was all plain sailing. It wasn’t, although that was mainly down to me. I had a couple of issues with my stitching, which could have been the thread, the needle, the fabric, or the machine, I’m yet to work that one out! The teal fabric was also a lot stretchier than the fabric I used for my last Coco, making it incredibly difficult not to stretch out of shape. If I was to make another using these fabrics, I’d use the stretchier fabric for the main dress and keep the heavier knit for the top and sleeves! I fear that the grey jersey may pull the teal out of shape in the long term.

Blogtacular Prep

IMG_0803I’ll be wearing my new Coco dress to the Blogtacular party at West Elm on Friday night. Also in preparation for next weekend, I whipped up a little zip purse to hold business cards using this fab tutorial from Design Sponge. I paired a cute aqua geometric print cotton with some Liberty tana lawn leftovers for the lining. The tutorial was so easy to follow that I managed to knock this up in the first half of the England game last night.

Pattern Storage

IMG_0804Finally, those of you who follow me on Instagram may have spotted the labels I made last weekend. I’ve been trying to come up with a good storage solution for paper patterns for a while. I wanted to avoid folding them so that I don’t have to iron them each time I want to use them. I ordered some cheap cardboard postage tubes from Ebay and created some labels using my new favourite design tool, Canva. This is such a simple idea, but the tubes fit nice and neatly under a chest of drawers, and stops my patterns getting damaged!

I can’t promise that the coming weeks will be as productive, but with Blogtacular next weekend, I’ll certainly be sharing lots over on my Instagram.

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