Blogtacular Photo Walk West 2016

Photo courtesy of The Happy Flat

I feel that this post should begin with some confessions:

  1. I hate having my photograph taken. I know most people say that, but I really do. My favourite photograph from my wedding day is of the back of my head.
  2. I have a camera, but I can’t use it (other than on the Auto mode).
  3. I don’t really wear colourful clothes

A photo walk should be my idea of hell, so why was I so desperate to get a place on a Blogtacular one?

I actually quite enjoy taking photos of other people, of things because I like the colour, or just stuff I like. The locations were also a big draw. I love London, this was a chance to explore London a bit more and come away with lots of beautiful photos. I also hoped to be inspired by what other people photograph, and of course, meet some lovely people!

Leading up to the event, I toyed with the idea of taking my ‘proper’ camera. But I realised that I would probably be more comfortable with my phone. If the worst happened, I could always use some filters and hope for the best. Much debate took place around what to wear there was lots of talk on Twitter and Facebook about wearing colourful clothes. My wardrobe consists of mainly grey and navy, and the only remotely colourful item I own is a yellow rain jacket. I needn’t have worried, this would turn out to be a good choice.

As I made my way across London to our meeting point on a sunny Friday afternoon, I was beginning to feel nervous. Upon exiting the tube, I realised that I had found my crowd, stood before me was a sea of yellow rain coats. Our hosts, Kristabel Plummer and Natasha from Candy Pop were so welcoming and very quickly I got chatting, and immediately found some fellow craft and sewing bloggers in the form of The Gingerthread Girl and Shelley Makes.

We started off on a residential street, with lots of brightly coloured houses. Kristabel was a great host, directing us and giving us tips. It was in this street that I had my first photo of the day, taken by Kristabel herself, not a bad place to start!

My first photo. Not awkward at all….

As we walked through the streets, it was really interesting to see what different things my fellow photowalkers were photographing. I was very much drawn in by the colours, but others focused on plants, details on buildings, and everyday objects. I also managed to get some good photos of myself in front of some pretty awesome backgrounds, maybe I’m coming round to the idea of having my photo taken?


I’ve only been to Notting Hill once before, when I took Mr Makes to a biscuit decorating class at The Biscuiteers. This time, I actually stopped to look at my surroundings and realised that I had missed out on so many beautiful sights the last time I visited. I’m keen to go back so that I can explore some more.

The photo walk has inspired me to take more photos. I stopped Mr Makes on our way to lunch the other day just so that I could photograph a yellow door (he’s used to stuff like this now!). I’ve also signed up for the next Oxford Instameet, I’m looking forward to exploring my home-city and looking at it from a different point of view.

If you’ve never been on a photo walk before, I have some top tips:

  • Take props! I saw some lovely photos on Instagram with rainbow umbrellas, flowers, and a yellow pineapple. I wish I’d thought of that!
  • Be yourself. Wear clothes that represent you. I was worried about colour, but wore something that was comfortable for me; nautical stripes, leggings, and trainers. The result is that the pictures truly reflect who I am!
  • Don’t worry about taking a fancy camera. I used my phone the whole time, it makes loading photos to Instagram so much easier (at least that was my excuse).
  • Don’t rush. I’m a fast walker and I tend to just wander off, being part of a group forced me (in a good way) to stop and really appreciate the sights.
  • Being part of such a large group is a good way to play around with different angles/poses. If it doesn’t work, just delete it!

If you are organising any future photo walks in the Oxfordshire/London/general South, I’d love to hear!

Blogtacular 2016
Happy photographers! Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes and Will Ireland

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