Oxford Instameet: 9 July

IMG_1757I’m an Oxford girl born and bred. (Well, technically born in Oxford, but raised very nearby!). I’m well aware that although I live so close to a beautiful city, if I’m honest, I probably take it for granted. Walking past some of the sights isn’t necessarily a big deal anymore, and I rarely take photographs. But this may be about to change.

I wrote a few weeks ago about attending the Blogtacular photowalk, which I loved! That was co-hosted by the lovely Natasha of Candy Pop, who just happens to be a fellow Oxford resident. She invited me to attend the Oxford Instameet on 9 July, and meet some fellow Oxford Instagrammers. Still on a high from Blogtacular, I put the date in my diary right away.

We met on a slightly muggy and grey Saturday morning in Modern Art Oxford. I haven’t been to Modern Art for a few years, but I’ll definitely be more of a regular visitor, even if it just for the delicious chocolate brownies. The first hour was spent nattering over tea and cake and then we began our photo journey.

Our first port of call was Christchurch, which on a Saturday morning is bursting to the seams with tourists. It’s easy to see why; it’s one of Oxford’s most beautiful sights. I didn’t take many pictures here, but I did get some good ones, including a lovely photo of Rachel from Handmade by Holchester.

We then moved onto some quieter streets, and it was here that I was in my element. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a pretty garden filled with flowers, but a pastel coloured house with a beautiful front door is really what I want to be photographing. As we made our way down cobbled streets, past pastel houses and on to some more Oxford landmarks, it was nice to stop and take in the sights, rather than just rushing past on my way to somewhere else. It’s tough to do the pretty buildings justice with words, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

What I can talk about is the lovely bunch of people I met. It was great meeting so many new faces, who I will hopefully see again at other local events. The walk ended with a well-earned cold drink in the Turl Street Kitchen, allowing us more time to just generally chat. If you’re new to a city, or maybe you’ve been around for a while, but just want to meet new people, I’d thoroughly recommend attending a photowalk. Even the most awkward of people (me!) can bond with others over a beautiful building, or of course, a coloured door!

Big thanks go to Natasha, Rosie, and Anna for organising such a wonderful event!

You can see more pictures over on Instagram, by searching the hashtag #oxfordinstameet

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