Learning to Spray Paint: Graffiti Workshop

IMG_2003Creative presents are the best kind of presents. I’m lucky that Mr Makes is a brilliant present buyer, and last Christmas, he came up trumps with a voucher for a graffiti art workshop in London. I love attending creative workshops, but this one was particularly meaningful in that when we first met back at Sixth form, a large part of my Art A-level was spent studying Graffiti art. This workshop would give me a chance to finally use actual spray paint rather than the usual pencils and acrylic paint which I’d used all those years ago.

Fast forward to August 2016, and we booked to attend our session on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Graffik gallery, based on Portobello Road. We arrived early so were able to spend some time looking round the gallery. The workshop took place in a courtyard to the back of the building. As we donned our protective suits and sat down, I was immediately drawn to the bright colours and amazing murals that surrounded us.


We started with a quick run-down of the different painting techniques that could be used, and then a demonstration of how to spray properly. My only experience of spray paint prior to this was actually a few weeks before when I painted a peg-board for my desk. I can now see that my technique was completely wrong!

After the demo, we were given some time to come up with a design. We would be using stencils to create a small canvas. I went for a calligraphy ‘E’, which I wanted to coordinate with my craft room. Coffee-addict Mr Makes went for a cup design. Once drawn, we carefully cut out our stencils before the real fun began, the painting!

From a rainbow of coloured spray paint, I picked a trusty turquoise and grey colour combo for the background, with some metallic copper paint for my letter. Mr Makes went for a cool monochrome with a small hint of Tour de France yellow. (Mr Makes adores coffee and cycling!).

Our tutor made the process look so easy, but I can safely say that spray painting is an art in itself! It’s so easy to apply too much paint, or not enough. During the session, we were able to experiment with some different techniques. We were also able to experiment with painting on the walls, which was great fun!

I’m so happy with our finished artwork. For a first attempt, I don’t think we did too badly! We’ll be hanging up our work pride of place in the kitchen/spare room for all to see. I definitely think that spray painting is something I’d like to try again, and I’m already thinking up some ideas for my next project.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Spray Paint: Graffiti Workshop

  1. This looks great! I’d love to give it a go! Know what you mean anout technique too. When we moved house I upcycled a computer desk the previous owners left behind by spray painting it in orange. I think the tin said it was better to do lots of thin layers rather than a few thick ones. I’d love to just grafitti the wall in the spare bedroom! Not sure if I’m bold enough though!


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