Counting Down to 30


A short post on a weekday? What’s going on? Well, in one month, I’ll be thirty. I’ll make it clear now that I am completely fine about that. As I sat down to start this, I thought this might end up being a post where I reflected on my life and where I’m currently at, but that seems a bit deep, at least for a Thursday.

Instead, this is a post asking for inspiration. As I reach an important milestone in my life, are there any memories I should make in the month leading up to it? Anything I need to experience? This post came from a conversation I had with Mr Makes earlier this year, I confessed that despite my love of fast food, I had never eaten a Big Mac, and so he insisted that it had to be done by the time I reach my birthday. It seems like an achievable task.

So now I’m opening up the conversation to you all, is there anything you think I need to do in the next month? Perhaps there’s a book which you recommend to everyone, or a film that you adore. Something (else) I need to eat, or of course, something to make! Let me know in the comments below, or over on Instagram.

There are a few boundaries. There isn’t a limitless pot of money or time. In any case, what I’m hoping for are suggestions for the little things in life that you love. I’ll try to do as many as I can over the coming month, and if not, I’ll definitely do them in my first year of my thirties!

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