Oxford Instameet: Autumn 2016

Another month, another Instameet. In reality, it’s actually been three months since the last Instameet I attended, but time goes so quickly!

On 1 October, Independent Oxford ran their Autumn Instameet, and after the fun I had at the last one, there was no decision needed about whether or not to attend. We met again at Modern Art Oxford, but this time in the fantastic Missing Bean pop-up café. The Oxford Instameets always start with a natter over some tea and cake, which is a great way to get to know your fellow photographers. Right from the start, it was clear that the theme of the day was going to be yellow. I was pretty happy that my teapot matched my trusty yellow raincoat, and already had my first photo opportunity!


Our first stop was at one of my favourite places in Oxford, independent haberdashery Darn It and Stitch. Inside this cosy little shop, you’ll find an array of beautiful fabric, wool, and trimmings, all of which is perfect for some Instagram photos! I managed to leave without buying anything (but admittedly with a long list of stuff I’d be back to buy at a later date).

From Darn It and Stitch, we made our way towards Magdalen Bridge, and on to Cowley Road to visit the Annie Sloan store. At this point, I should hang my head in shame as I’ve never actually been in the Annie Sloan store, and it’s now clear that I’ve been missing out. The shop is filled with colour from top to bottom. It’s also not just paint; think lovely fabrics, cute stationery and some amazing bright rag rugs too! The rainbow staircase also deserves a special mention; it’s quite simply amazing!

The rain had returned by this so we made our way towards Big Society for some lunch, which continued the yellow theme! Over burgers and fries, the chatting continued. For me, Instameets are just as much about the socialising as the picture taking. They are a great way to meet fellow creatives and people who just like taking photos and I really love the informal, welcoming nature of them. I’m definitely going to try and attend more of them over the next year, and hopefully discover more new photo hotspots!

Do you have any recommendations for other Instameets? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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