Planning for 2017


It’s safe to say that I am a stationery addict. As I cleared out my craft room last weekend, even I was surprised by the number of notebooks, pens, and general stationery items, which I have. A new year means a new diary or planner, and this year I’ve jumped in with not one, but two!

I treated myself to a Kikki.K planner last year in the sale, it’s bargain price was just too good to pass on, I used it a little bit, for planning blog posts, but it generally became a file of to-do lists. Whilst this is handy in some ways, as I tend to have 3 or 4 on the go at once, it wasn’t quite fulfilling my needs. For 2017, I decided to treat myself to something new.

One of the things I desperately needed for this year was a small diary which I could carry everywhere with me, something to jot down things as soon as they are mentioned. I wanted something durable, which could withstand being thrown in my handbag with the other mountain of junk I seem to carry around with me. I purchased a lovely Kikki.K diary. Admittedly, the first thing that I was drawn to was the monochrome and mint colour scheme, but it was also practical. A plastic cover would keep it looking shiny and new, and it’s small enough to carry around.

On the planner side of things, I’ve wanted a ‘proper’ planner for a while, something a bit meatier that I can use for more long-term things (and also decorate with lots of stickers). Buying one of these is a bit of a commitment, and after much thought (and the temptation of a Black Friday discount code), I asked Mr Makes if I could have the Hello Day planner for Christmas.

The Hello Day planner is beautiful, there’s lots of space to write and add stickers. At the start of each month is a pull-out motivational print to stick up somewhere prominent. Each day is broken down into sections (AM/PM/Eve), with a little to-do list and tick boxes for exercise and water. Each month has a page for goal planning, broken down into tasks per week, making them seem much more achievable.


My favourite part so far is the ’10 minute achievement’ each day. I work a full-time job, I also try to go to the gym three nights a week, which means that there really isn’t much free time until the weekend. When I get home after being out of the house for 12 hours, I don’t really fancy doing the cleaning. However, the 10-minute achievement makes this seem possible. I try to alternate between a creative task (doodle, watch a Vlog) and something more practical (hoover the bedroom, clean out the fridge), with the hope that the weekends can be focused more on doing the things I love, rather than just catching up on what I haven’t had time to do.

Despite these positives, I still feel like I’m not really using my planners/diaries to their potential. On a day-to-day basis, I need to get better at making them part of my routine. Long term, I know that I can use these better as tools to manage my time and how I’m going to achieve my bigger goals. So, to end this post, I’m calling out to all my readers for any tips or advice for getting the most out of your planner. Let me know what works for you! Leave a comment below, or DM me via Instagram; I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Planning for 2017

  1. The Hello Day planner looks gorgeous, I love the idea of the 10 minute a day achievement too sounds so achievable!
    I need to make it a part of my daily routine too, I bullet journal and know that if I took the time every day to use it to its full potential I would get much more done and feel much closer to my goals!!

    Ooh one tip! Leave it open and ready for the next day somewhere you see it first thing, I also try and leave a couple of pens by it too!

    Good luck with your plans for 2017!


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