On My Craft Table: April 2017


IMG_5022I’ve been a little quiet with my makes recently. I’ve spent quite a bit of time practising my brush lettering, but what other creations are currently on my to-do list?

First up, is my shameful stash of uncompleted Mollie Makes kits. As a regular subscriber, an issue pops through my letterbox each month, and I usually squeal with delight when I spy that month’s kit. Each one gets carefully put away in a safe place, and recently, that’s where they’ve stayed. I’m determined to spend some time working through them, actually getting them completed. Top of the list is the Scandi Florals Hoop kit, the Dachshund Brooch Kit (yes, I’ve had it for AGES), and the most recent kit, the embroidery purse. I’m going to try my very best to get these completed by the end of the first May bank holiday weekend!


My next make is thankfully actually in progress. I recently was lucky enough to win a cross-stitch kit of my choice from the Stitchsperation giveaway on Instagram. First things first, these are cross-stitch kits like no other. Bold typography mixed with beautiful and bright backing fabrics make the Stitchsperation kits one of a kind. I chose the ‘Get on with it’ design on a bright, multi-coloured background.

Cross-stitch isn’t usually my go-to craft, but there is something so satisfying about this kit. The single thread colour means that I can easily sit and work on it in front of the TV without having to fiddle about changing threads too often. Although I’ve still got quite a way to go with this one, I’m hoping that I can pick it up regularly and get it completed in no time.

My final make is yet to be decided, but it will definitely involve this fantastic glitter fabric! Glitter has become a recent obsession of mine, and I’m keen to experiment with it. My initial thought is either a make up bag or a pencil case, but some more Pinterest research is needed first!


If you’d like to keep up to date with my works in progress, I’ll be posting updates along the way on my Instagram.

One final thing….

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of Em Makes and Bakes. Whether you’ve been with me since the start, or have only just followed, thank you for all of your support! X

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