Handmade Wrapping Paper

IMG_6180Earlier this year, the lovely folk at Sellotape sent me a bag of goodies to use for my crafting. As you all know, I’m a big stationery fan, so it was a bit like receiving an early Christmas present! In the goodie bag was a range of different tapes and dispensers, which I’ve been thinking hard about how to use.

I love giving presents, and I love wrapping them as well. However, with the age range in our family ranging from 1 to 93, it’s hard to have a supply of wrapping paper that’s suitable for everyone. This weekend, I’ve been experimenting with making my own wrapping paper using mostly supplies I already had. The only thing I needed to purchase was a roll of basic brown paper.


‘Hooray’ stamped paper

I’ve already got a small stash of lino-cutting supplies, including some easy-carve rubber, perfect for making my own stamp! I hand lettered my phrase on paper and then traced it onto the rubber. If you’re new to lino cutting, I’d really recommend the easy-carve rubber, as it’s so easy to work with (it’s a similar texture to grating cheese!). Using my lino-tools, I carefully carved out my design, paying careful attention to the small fiddly bits.

Once I’d carved my design, I gave it a mini-test run with a small inkpad to check that I hadn’t missed any bits. If you’re making a stamp, it’s always good to mount it to something to make the stamp easier to use (and stop messy fingers!). Using some of my Sellotape double-sided tape, I mounted my stamp to two layers of cardboard.


To make my gift wrap, I cut a piece of brown paper and then stamped my design in two different colours. When stamping, I’d recommend laying the stamp flat on a surface and pressing the inkpad onto it (rather than pressing the stamp into the ink). I’ve found this method gives a much more even coating of ink and a better result.

Between colours, clean your stamp with a damp cloth or a household cleansing wipe. It’s best to stamp your lightest colour first, to avoid any leftover ink on the stamp showing through.


Confetti stamped paper

If you’re not quite ready to have a go at making your own stamp, I’d recommend this confetti paper! All you need is a pencil and an ink pad (I really like the multi-coloured ones from Hobbycraft). Use the end of the pencil (one with a rubber works best) to stamp small circles all over your paper for a simple confetti pattern. Between colours, wipe your pencil eraser clean with a damp cloth or tissue.


These papers are so simple to create and give a personal touch to your present; I like to finish them with some brightly coloured ribbon. It also means that you only need to keep a roll of plain paper at hand for your gift-wrapping instead of having a full range of colours!



The Sellotape products in this post were sent to me free of charge by Sellotape. As always, content in blog posts is my own and reflects my own opinions.

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