A Trip to Hello Dodo Land

IMG_6679I’ve blogged time and time again about my love for independent makers and designers. Since first discovering Hello Dodo I’ve been in love with their bright colours and quirky prints. Based in Worthing, they make t-shirts, prints, sweatshirts, and much, much more. One of the reasons I love Hello Dodo so much is that Mr Makes adores their stuff, and so I know I can always find something perfect for him (his last Christmas, Birthday, and even Valentines have featured Hello Dodo in some way).

A few months ago, Hello Dodo announced that for one week only they would be taking over Colonnade House in Worthing and hosting a pop-up shop. An excuse to visit the seaside and buy lots of shiny new things? I was instantly sold, and Mr Makes didn’t need much convincing either. So, on a sunny Saturday morning we set about on a road trip to Worthing to visit one of our favourite creative businesses!

If you follow Hello Dodo on Instagram, you’ll have probably already seen pictures of the pop-up. I can assure you that it was even better in person! I already knew that Ali and Jam have a lot of different designs, but seeing them all in person makes you realise just how talented they are! The walls were adorned with their bright screen-prints, and a rail full of t-shirts took pride of place. Partner that with a huge range of patches, postcards, and pins, Hello Dodo Land was effectively a big, bright sweet shop for pun-loving adults.

Of course, we were not going to travel all that way and not make any purchases, and we’d been eyeing up a few things in the week leading up to the event. Mr Makes treated himself to two new t-shirts and a pin. I couldn’t resist a Gull Power sweatshirt (which admittedly does not fit over the bump at the moment, so will be tucked away for chilling out at home on maternity leave).

We also picked up a number of postcards, a number of which we are going to frame for the little one’s nursery and a cat nap club patch which I’m going to sew onto a jumper or onesie for the baby. (We’re definitely going to be a Hello Dodo family).

Purchasing over the Internet is great, and sites like Etsy are amazing for discovering new makers and designers, however my main takeaway from yesterday is that I need to start attending more fairs, pop-ups, and events. Meeting up with those that you’ve been chatting to online is great fun, and of course an excuse to buy more lovely things!

Sadly Hello Dodo Land was a one-week special event, but I’d definitely recommend checking out Hello Dodo’s Etsy store, where you can find all of their lovely products.


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