Things I’m Loving: August 2017

THINGS I'M LOVING- AUGUST 2017It’s been a while since I’ve written a round-up style post, so thought it was about time for another one. As well as using my blog as a place to share my makes and experiences, I do like to use it as an opportunity to show off the work of others.

Plant fever has definitely taken over the Makes household. Earlier in the month I posted a blog post for those who wanted to dip their toe into the world of indoor gardening, and I got so many lovely comments about it. This month, I’ve been treating myself to some gorgeous pots from Geo Fleur, including a melting mug from Studio Arhoj that I’ve been eyeing up for a while. Geo Fleur were running a fantastic offer where if you ordered over a certain amount, you’d receive some surprise goodies too. I was over the moon to receive a gorgeous polka dot planter as one of mine!


I’m definitely easily swayed by the influence of others, and when Nikki McWilliams shared her latest Lidl tip-off on Instagram, I immediately sent Mr Makes off on a shopping trip. Earlier in the month they were selling a set of rainbow-coloured brush pens for less than £5. I know that Tombow seem to be the brand of choice for many creatives, but at the bargain price of £3.99, I thought it would be good to have a play before investing in something pricier.

My initial experiments have proved quite successful, and they will be perfect for filling my time when I’m on first on maternity leave.


You may have noticed that I do love sharing my photos online, however I’m terrible at actually getting them printed. The lovely folk at Cheerz let me try out their printing services with some of my favourite pictures. I went for the vintage Polaroid-style and decided to print a mixture of personal and creative photos as well as some of my recent hand-lettered pieces.


The photos do take a couple of days to arrive, but I’m impressed with the overall quality of the printing. I’ve had mixed experiences with other online printers, but I would definitely use Cheerz again. (I’m already looking at the lovely baby boxes that they sell!). Given that my wedding photos from three years ago have never been printed, this might be another project to add to the Maternity Leave list!

I’ve been trying to read more books this year, and am having varied levels of success. I’ve been on a bit of a roll recently, which I’m largely putting down to finding some great titles that have hooked me from the first Chapter. First up was Emma Gannon’s Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online, which definitely brought back some great memories of growing up (MSN messenger anyone?), but also discusses some stronger themes such as Feminism. As I was approaching the end, I immediately ordered my next books so that I wouldn’t lose my reading mojo. I’m currently working my way through Laura Jane Williams’ Ice Cream for Breakfast and have the Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba patiently waiting in the wings.

Finally, I’ve written many times before about my love for Lucky Dip Club, and the wonderful Hello Dodo. It should therefore be no surprise that when Lucky Dip Club announced a special collaboration with Hello Dodo, I placed my order straight away. The levels of excitement were off the chart as I came home from work to find a turquoise envelope waiting for me off the doormat. Inside was a beautiful screen-printed pouch. Featuring a typical Hello Dodo pun, I’ll be either putting this in my hospital bag, or possibly even the changing back so that I can use it every day.


Special Offer: The kind folk at Cheerz are offering all of my readers 10% off orders over £20 with the code WEM1V4. Let me know if you get anything!

Disclaimer: Cheerz kindly sent me some prints free of charge to review. As always, my views are completely my own and will always reflect my true view of the product.

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