Mama, You Got This! A Round-up of my Favourite Mama Merch

IMG_1066I recently launched my first Kickstarter campaign, a positive patch for Mamas. I’ve been thinking about launching new products for a while now, but couldn’t quite find the right idea. Then it came to me, a patch that a Mama could buy for herself, or something that someone could give to a new Mum, or someone who just needs a bit of a reassurance that they are doing an amazing job. Pop it a jacket, stick it to a make-up bag, or stash it away in a changing bag, it’s a constant reminder that you’ve always got this.

Since having H, I’ve been so impressed by the amazing products created for Mamas/Mums/Mummies, and I’ve invested in a fair few of them over the past seven months! I wanted to share a round-up of some of my favourite Mama items, all from indies of course! If you’re looking for a present for a new Mum, I’d wholeheartedly recommend buying one of the following.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of my patches, do head over to my Kickstarter page by the 9 June to place your order. For those not familiar with the Kickstarter concept, it’s all or nothing, so if I don’t raise the full funding the project won’t go ahead (all those who have pledged won’t have money taken from their accounts, so it’s completely safe for buyers!).


Lamb and Bear
Image courtesy of: Lamb and Bear

Lamb and Bear ‘And breathe’ T-shirt 

You can’t beat a good striped t-shirt (I’ve lost count of how many I actually own), but pair it with a positive slogan and I’m sold. I wish I’d had this to wear to my pregnancy yoga classes!




Love for the Mama
Image courtesy of: Love for the Mama

Love for the Mama We’re in This Together T-shirt

Motherhood can be lonely at times, this tee is a positive reminder that we’re all in this together, plus £3 from each sale goes to the mothers2mothers Charity.




Mutha Hood
Image courtesy of: Mutha Hood

Mutha Hood Mother Like No one’s Judging

I have this slogan on my mug for work, and I love it. If you’re not a Mama, check out Mutha.Hood’s now iconic Strong Girls Club t-shirts. If you’re not following Gemma on Instagram already, I thoroughly recommend you do. Her stories never fail to make me smile.


Ted and Kip
Image courtesy of: Mint Cake Club x Ted and Kip

Mint Cake Club x Ted and Kip Kickstarter

Ok, so not technically Mama merch, but I love these leggings so much that I couldn’t resist sharing. I adore the fact they are gender neutral, and I’ve already made my pledge because I reckon H will look super cute in a pair of yellow leggings! If leggings aren’t your thing, dungarees are also available!


Pins and Patches

Liz Mosley
Image courtesy of: Liz Mosely

Liz Mosely Winging It Pin

It’s safe to say that I’m winging it a lot of the time, and this pin makes me feel like that’s ok. A girl can never have to many pins after all


Milk and Moon
Image courtesy of: Milk and Moon

Milk and Moon Tote Bag

Not a strictly Mama product, but it’s a really positive message, and us Mums should always stick together and support one another. Plus, a good tote bag will always come in handy!





Little Magpies
Image courtesy of: Little Magpies

Little Magpies ‘Doing my Best’ Mug

A new Mama needs to drink her body weight in tea and coffee, and she’ll need a good mug to drink it from, especially as the chances are she’ll be drinking it cold. After a sleepless night, this ‘doing my best’ mug ticks all the boxes.




Image courtesy of: Scamp

Scamp Wooden Wall Banner

This wooden banner is incredible, and not just because it’s in my favourite colours! I love the fact that it can be customised for any other relatives.




Isabella and Us
Image courtesy of: Isabella and Us

Isabella and Us Mummy Cards

These are perfect little notes of positivity for sticking on the bathroom mirror, popping in your purse, or just stashing in your pocket.




Evie Michelle
Image courtesy of: Evie Michelle

Evie Michelle ‘You are Amazing Mama’ Pouch

I have one of these pouches and it is the perfect size for hiding my ‘Mama stash’ (manual pump & pads) in my work handbag!

Little Things by Lucy
Image courtesy of: Little Things by Lucy

Little Things by Lucy ‘Badass Mother’ Pouch

You can never have too many pouches, and this one would be fab for storing nappies and wipes in a changing bag. Plus, it’s rose gold which is always a winner.




I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up of my favourite Mama pieces, if you’ve got any other recommendations, let me know in the comments below!









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