Keeping it Cosy: Sewing Stella Joggers

ACS_0139Here’s some things you should know about me. I feel the cold a lot. I love wearing skinny jeans, but at home I’m most happy in a pair of cosy joggers or pjs, curled up with a huge mug of tea. When my copy of ‘Stretch’ by Tilly and the Buttons popped through the letterbox, the Stella hoody and joggers were one of the first items added to my make list.I’ve never really made any trousers before, aside from the odd pair of ‘traditional’ pyjama bottoms. However, Tilly has a way of making even the most difficult-looking sewing projects look totally achievable. The Stella joggers don’t require huge amounts of fabric (which has put me off making other trousers in the past), and can be made in one of my favourite fabrics to sew with; a thick, not-too-stretchy jersey!

For my first pair, I used a cream fleece-backed sweatshirt fabric that I’d picked up on a whim in the Guthrie and Ghani end-of-year sale. Having sewn with Ponte Roma numerous times, this wasn’t too much of a change, apart from being a bit thicker. The pockets were surprisingly easy (and satisfying!) to sew, and I found myself sewing up most of the joggers in a couple of hours. However, I struggled a bit more when it came to the cuffs and waistband.


Trying to rush to finish anything before the end of naptime is never a good idea. My first ankle cuff ended up being sewn on inside out, but was easily rectified after a bit of unpicking. My main issue was trying to add buttonholes to the waistband. It was complete user error, and reminded me that it had been some time since I’d actually used the buttonhole setting on my machine. A number of attempts were complete fails, but I finally got there. Admittedly, I still haven’t actually added a cord to the waistband, but it will get done eventually.

As soon as I’d put on my joggers for a final fitting, they ended up staying on for a number of hours, as they were just so comfy. I’d caught the bug and was itching to make another pair (at this point, completely unaware that we were about to have a super hot Summer ahead of us). Sad that I wasn’t able to attend Tilly’s fabric sale in person, I swiftly ordered some grey glitter sweatshirt fleece from her website. From afar it looks like a standard grey jersey, but up close, it has a gorgeous sparkle to it.


Making something the second time round is always a bit easier, and the Stella joggers were no different. I managed to get the majority of them constructed during one of H’s post-swimming naps, aside from the waistband. For this pair, I decided to leave out the drawstring waistband, as I was able to wear my first pair just fine without it, and I figured that it was just another thing for H to pull/munch on! This pair was finished off with the patch I received for pre-ordering Stretch.


As much as I love joggers, even I only need two pairs. Still having the bug, I decided to have a go at making a pair in a thinner jersey, so that I could wear them as pyjamas. It was back to Guthrie Ghani for some fabric, and I picked a lovely blue print jersey. I had my concerns about whether the joggers would work in a thinner fabric, and I’m so glad that I gave it a go. Although the notches didn’t quite line up, it was still a relatively easy make, and I’ll definitely be getting lots of wear out of them.


This is now the second pattern I’ve made from Stretch, and I’m so glad that I bought the book. I’m yet to have a go at the Stella hoodie, because admittedly I already own a lot of sweatshirts. I’m sure that come winter though, I’ll be able to justify another one!




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