Being Proud of Who You Are

Two weeks ago, I turned thirty. I had a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends, who definitely spoilt me rotten. I was lucky enough to receive lots of wonderful gifts, and I can say that all of them were incredibly meaningful. From new pin badges, to products from my favourite creative, through to a hipster colouring book, all of them showed that my friends and family really understood me.

One present in particular, meant a lot. Mr Makes commissioned a custom sunshine doodle from the wonderful Jo of Hello Sunshine. As you will spy from my Instagram, I am a big fan of Jo’s work, and I can assure you that she is just as lovely and sunny in person.

The first reason I love this picture so much, is obviously because it is just awesome. From including my beloved yellow raincoat, to an all-important cup of tea in an enamel mug, I love the amount of detail that has gone into it.


Secondly, and most importantly, I feel that it really captures me. I live in trainers, my hair is never perfectly straight, and I do consider my sewing machine one of my most prized possessions. That is what I’m going to be focusing on in this post, that feeling of realising that you are truly happy with who you are.

Two weeks ago, as I sat and stared at my picture, still a little surprised, I said something to Mr Makes, ‘If this represents me at 30, then I’m happy with that’. Turning 30 is a big milestone, although admittedly I hadn’t really been that bothered about it. At that point, I think it dawned on me that although it probably was a big deal, the reason I hadn’t been worried is that I’d reached a point in my life where I was happy with who I had become.

I’ve learned to accept that no matter how much I use my GHDs, my hair will always have that wave to it, that me and heels will never get on, that it’s ok to own a bright yellow coat, if that’s the colour you really want. I’ve never been the most confident person, but since starting this blog, my confidence has soared. That is largely in part to the wonderful creative community around me, who I’ve met through Instagram/Twitter, and events like Blogtacular and the Independent Oxford meet-ups.

I’ve learnt that being a bit different is not only ok, it should be celebrated!

Outside of the blog, I also have a full-time job, and for a long time, I felt the need to keep the two separate. I didn’t mention it to colleagues, but lately I’ve been starting to discuss it more. I’ve begun telling people that I do two things, yes I have my 9-5, but I also have a blog and just generally like creating things. When people meet you and ask ‘what do you do?’, it shouldn’t be defined by just a full time role, it’s all the things you do in life that make you unique. For a long time, I’ve wanted to be a ‘creative’ and perhaps I feel like I’m finally there, it only took 30 years!

I feel like this post has been a bit ‘me, me, me’ and that wasn’t my intention at all, I hope to encourage you to take some time out of your day to do something you love, and be proud of it. Be proud of what you are, and what you do. If you can’t do your dream job 9-5, find a way to do a little bit of it in your spare time. If you want to be creative, go for it. Embrace all of the things that make you happy and which make you unique.

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