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Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

Next up in my series of Creative Chats is Sarah of Geo Heaven, an amazing independent maker that I had the pleasure of meeting at Blogtacular earlier this year. I’ve actually followed Geo Heaven on Instagram for a while, but it’s just not the same as meeting someone in person! Sarah makes the most incredible 3D jewellery as well as some amazing pin badges.


So, read on to find out more about Sarah, how she came up with the idea for her business, and how she runs it alongside a full-time job.

So to begin, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sarah. I’m 30, and I live in Leeds. I run Geo Heaven in my spare time making 3D printed geometric jewellery.

Necklace product shot (1) Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

How did Geo Heaven start?

Geo Heaven started almost a year ago after a sudden brainwave came to me early last year. I’d wanted to set up my own jewellery business for some time but just couldn’t think of an original idea. Geo Heaven popped into my head on a drive up the M1 and I spent months preparing before I launched in November 2016.

What inspires you?

There are so many people who inspire me but I’ve particularly been inspired by Sunshine Jo of Hello Sunshine, Sophie of Geo Fleur, and Laura of Revel Jewellery. I’ve followed their journeys from the start and it’s really inspired me to see them make a real success of their businesses. I stumbled across them all on Instagram and have followed their journey through there. After meeting them all in person over the last year I find them even more inspiring!

Product shot Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

Who are your favourite independent makers?

I have so many people who I like and admire and it’s hard to only list a few. I try and buy from independents as much as possible. I particularly like the jewellery by Finest Imaginary, clothing and prints by Hello DODO, prints by Kristyna Baczynski, and the ceramics by Natko Ceramics.

What does a typical day at Geo Heaven look like?

When I wake up I always try to post on Instagram, as I really like checking back in on it over the day. After that I go to my day job (usually 8.15-6.00) where I work as a special needs consultant teacher. When I get home I have my tea before checking my emails and packing up any orders I have received. I carry my Bullet Journal around with me throughout the day so that I have somewhere to sketch new ideas. There’s always plenty of coffee and tea consumed throughout the day and I normally socialise with friends or catch up on my latest Netflix program in between tea and checking emails.

Pastel Diamond pin

Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

What’s your favourite social media channel?

Instagram! Without a shadow of a doubt. I love scrolling through everyone's pretty pictures and it's such a happy, supportive community. Originally I was really against Instagram Stories but now I love them and I think I watch these even more than I scroll through my feed!

What’s your favourite Geo Heaven product and why?

The yellow Space Girl is my ultimate favourite. It was the first large piece that I designed and I like that it is a statement piece. Yellow is the happiest colour on the planet so the colour choice was easy!

What’s your fuel of choice when making?

COFFEE! The stronger the better. I like different styles on different days but it always has to be strong. Sometimes I fancy a simple white coffee, sometimes a latte, and sometimes a short black coffee.

Earrings and necklace product shot Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

What three things would you take to a desert island?

Am I allowed to take my husband?! I know it’s super cheesy but he’d definitely be my number one choice. I’d also take my Kindle so that I had access to lots of books and my bullet journal as I’m sure I’d still need to organise my life on a desert island!

If you could follow only 5 accounts on Instagram, who would you pick?

  1. Lucky Dip Club. I’ve loved following Leona’s journey since the very start. Her pictures are always so super colourful and I absolutely love all the products she creates! It’s the best happy mail you could receive!
  2. In Colourful Company. I remember when Toni first set up the group and I instantly I felt like I’d found my online tribe. It’s been so great meeting some of those people in real life too.
  3. Smile and Make. Lucy is a true inspiration and has set up her own business selling the most exquisite handmade dresses after losing her husband. We’ve been Insta pals for years and I love seeing all of her creations.
  4. Averbium design. Their feed always makes me smile as they make the most beautiful paper backdrops for various pin badges.
  5. A Beautiful Mess. Elsie and Emma run the most incredible blog sharing homemade recipes, crafts and inspiration. I love the products they make and their apps are my absolute favourite. I couldn’t live without A Color Story for editing my photos.

What do you do to relax/in your spare time?

My favourite thing is to have a bath with a glass of wine! I also love seeing my friends and going out for dinner. I like to crochet and learnt after receiving a DIY kit in a Lucky Dip Club box and watching the Tea and Crafting tutorial. My other favourite thing is to go for a walk. We are very lucky to have a beautiful big park and set of woods at the bottom of our road.

Stand at Northern Craft fair Photo courtesy of Sarah Empson/Geo Heaven

If you'd like to find out more about Sarah and her amazing products, be sure to check out the following:

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

I hope you've enjoyed this latest Creative Chat, I hope to be featuring more of my favourite creatives very soon. If there is anyone in particular that you would like me to feature, be sure to leave me a comment below.

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