Handmade Baby Book


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a whole afternoon with no plans whatsoever. As my due date approaches (7 weeks to go), I’ve been keen to try and protect some time at the weekend to generally relax and have some ‘me’ time. The tiredness that I was experiencing a few weeks ago seems to have gotten better, and so I was faced with a window of opportunity to craft whatever I wanted!

With clothes out of the question at the moment, baby crafting is definitely helping to satisfy my need to create! I’d stocked up on fabric a few weeks ago, so was hopeful that I’d be able to make something without a last minute dash to Hobbycraft.

One of my best baby-crafting purchases so far has been the Sew Tiny book, which I mentioned in my last baby-related post. It has so many lovely little projects, and one that had caught my eye early on was a handmade baby book. It looked simple enough to construct and was the ideal project for an afternoon in front of the sewing machine.


Keeping with my monochrome theme, I selected 5 different fabrics for my backing fabric, and used the bright coloured felt I purchased a few weeks ago for the graphics (you might recognise the fabrics from the banner I made before). The construction of the book looked fairly straightforward; six rectangles of fabric make up the pages, with bright and bold graphics appliqued on.


The book includes templates for all of the shapes inside the book, which you can mix and match as you want. As well as the space and weather themed shapes, I also used some of the number templates (meant for another project) for the centre spread of my book. The only other change I made was omitting the Velcro fastening (mainly because I didn’t have any, and didn’t want to leave the house!). I was worried that doing so would mean that the book would be too bulky, but pressing the pages once I’d finished stitching them helped to bring the puffiness down a bit!


If you’re looking for an easy project to make for the little ones in your life, this really is a great make. A beginner could easily complete it, but it’s substantial enough that you’ll get a real feeling of satisfaction once it’s complete! From start to finish, it probably took about 3 hours, with most of the time being spent cutting out the felt shapes and then appliqueing them to the backing fabric.


We haven’t actually bought any books yet for the baby (we do intend to), so it’s super-special that their first book will be handmade. I just hope that they like it as much as I do!

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