Happy Felt Cushion

IMG_5793I had such a fantastic response to my first Sew Crafty Design Team project, the bright and vibrant sunshine Cleo dress. For my second project, I decided to take a different path and make something for our home.

Since moving house 18 months ago, we’ve been slowly trying to make it our own. Our last house was lovely, but we moved in back in 2011, and our tastes have definitely changed. At the time, I’d been so keen on creating a ‘home’, the cosy space you see in magazines filled with flowery print cushions and quaint little knick-knacks. Now, I’m back to my love of all things yellow (my favourite colour as a child), bright, and fresh and generally creating a home that feels more ‘us’.

My second project focuses on my love of grey, wool, and graphic prints, whilst still feeling quite homely. Cushions are a wonderful way to decorate a room and inject colour, and can be super easy to make. I reused a cushion pad from an old floral print cushion I made a few years ago. Although I wasn’t keen on the cover anymore, the pad itself still had lots of life left in it.


I used a lovely thick charcoal grey suiting fabric for this cushion. Admittedly not the easiest fabric to work with, I wasn’t expecting it to stretch so much when stitching on the applique! If I were to have another go, I’d definitely stabilise the fabric with some interfacing to stop this happening.


For the design itself, I wanted something bright and positive, both the word and the fabric. The lovely geometric print cotton was really easy to work with, I’ve got plenty spare which I can use for another project. I created my own template by simply drawing out ‘happy’ on plain paper, and then tracing over it with a thick felt pen (Crayola felt tips are perfect!). Alternatively, you could easily make a template using an online design program like Canva and simply printing out.

Once my applique was cut out, I added some iron-on interfacing to the back of my patterned fabric to stop fraying and then simply cut out with fabric scissors. I then pinned it to my backing fabric and attached using a zig-zag stitch in a contrasting mint colour. The finishing touch for this cushion was a mint zip to match my stitching, which works really well. Zips are not my area of expertise, but I’m happy with how this turned out.


If you want to have a go at this cushion, it really is as simple as measuring your cushion pad, cutting out two squares (add a seam allowance of 1cm all the way round), decorate, and then stitch together. It can easily be completed in afternoon, with time for a cup of tea afterwards.


I haven’t quite decided where this cushion will live permanently, but right now it’s looking quite at home on my latest Ikea purchase!


Disclosure: This post is written as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team campaign. The fabrics and zip were all kindly supplied to me by Sew Crafty free of charge in exchange for this post. I chose the project and materials to make it, and as always, this post represents my personal views.

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