How Do You Write About an Event Like Blogtacular?

How do you even begin to sum up your Blogtacular experience in a blog post? This was a question I began to ask myself, and quickly realised that it couldn't be done. At least not by me. There is just so much I want to say, that I'm going to be doing it over the course of a few posts over the coming weeks.

So where to begin? The photowalks? The party? The big event itself? Well, no. It's something far more important than that.

I blogged last month about why I would be attending Blogtacular, and set myself three goals:

  1. Network
  2. Build my blogging confidence
  3. Inspiration

It's easy to make a sweeping statement and say that I achieved my goals, but I know that only time will tell. But for now? I'm feeling good. On Sunday night, feeling a weird mixture of exhausted yet buzzing, I sat and jotted down my post-Blogtacular feelings:


It's safe to say that these are all positive, and in some cases, powerful words. Can an event really make you feel that way? In my opinion, yes. Blogtacular is like the big warm hug on a rainy day that we all need from time-to-time. You feel safe, comfortable, and it lifts your spirits. That feeling can only really be achieved by surrounding yourself with a community that supports, values, and just 'gets' you. That is the most important part of Blogtacular, the community that it has built. Be it a weekly Twitter chat, a Facebook post, or  a chat in person, the Blogtacular community will always be there for each other, and that is an incredible thing. Kat and her team should be immensely proud of all that they have achieved.

I can genuinely say that every single person I spoke to over the course of those two days was just lovely. Whether they were someone I'd been following for a while or someone completely new, I genuinely enjoyed every single conversation I had over those two days, and I hope I've made some friends for life. As well as building new friendships, I also got to spend a lot of time with the lovely Rachel from Sew Happy, Sew Healthy. I've only known Rachel just over a year, but it's clear that we are wired the same way. Blogtacular provided us with a real opportunity to bond over a love of all things creative.

Thank you to every single person I met last weekend. For the advice, the support, and the general chats! If I didn't get to speak to you, I'd still love you to get in touch! Hopefully this is just the beginning of something wonderful...


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