Making Over my Craft Space

Since we bought our first house back in 2011, I’ve wanted to have my own craft space. In our last house, I shared our second bedroom with a spare bed and everything else in the house we didn’t have room for elsewhere (vacuum cleaner, ironing board, paperwork, you get the picture!). When we moved at the end of 2015 to a slightly bigger house, I managed to negotiate a whole room of my own (but had to give up all use of the garage, which was to become our ‘cycling room’).

Our new home was a new build, which has its pros and cons. On the pro side, it’s lovely and new, the walls and flooring are in immaculate condition. On the con side, the walls are magnolia, the carpet is a beige colour, and you can’t decorate for 12 months. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my rants about magnolia paint (long story short, I hate it). As our one year house anniversary approached, I was excited that I would finally be able to start repainting.

With the kitchen redecoration out of the way, our next project was my craft room. I’d already bought lots of white furniture when we moved in, so early on I decided that I’d paint the room white. I wanted a blank canvas that was bright and airy, and which I could easily brighten up with cushions, pictures, and other decorative pieces.

As the walls were in really good condition, barely any prep was needed, and we easily completed two coats of paint in one day, fuelled by tea, snacks, and Gilmore Girls! I was initially worried that painting the room white wouldn’t make that much difference, but it makes the room appear a lot brighter. The bright colours of my desk chair, storage boxes, and accessories now really pop against the clean white walls.

The great thing about this room is that it didn’t cost a lot to redecorate, the white paint was on offer (which was good, as we needed a lot!), the only other thing I bought were some new grey curtains (my old cream ones looked quite drab compared to the white), which I bought on sale from Argos for £8 a pair!

When I started to put everything back in the room, I experimented with the layout of the furniture. The desk used to sit pretty much on it’s own with a chair to one side, and some storage boxes to the other. I moved my large Ikea unit to the right of the desk, which makes it feel a little cosier. I also placed my teal ikea storage trolley to the left of the desk, which holds a lot of my craft supplies. The new layout means that I can hopefully fit in a small sofa at some point.


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt with my craft room is that I wasn’t using my storage effectively. I have a tendency for having lots of storage boxes and tins, which although they look pretty, mean that I tend to hoard things that I no longer need. A big clear out later and I’ve managed to reduce the number of boxes which I need. I’m also going to look at maximising the space beneath my desk with some drawers that I can use for things I use regularly.

Although the room is a really good size, there is a small alcove at the back of the room, which had been a bit of dead space. A tall, thin Ikea bookcase in this spot provides the perfect storage for all of the Create Craft Kits.


One of my key storage requirements is for my fabric. I like to keep it tucked away so that it doesn’t get dusty, a chest of drawers is the perfect solution. On the top, I keep my sewing machine, along with my threads and bobbins.


My pegboard behind my desk continues to be one of my favourite things in my room, used to store small bits of stationery (helping to declutter my desk), and little motivational quotes. A couple of pinboards to the left of my desk is full of pretty postcards, prints, patches, and pictures to brighten up that corner.


The room is still very much a work in progress, following the decorating I need to do some more touching up, where I’ve moved things around (like the pegboard!), and hang some more pictures. Overall though, I’m really happy with how the room looks so far!


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