Monochrome Storage Basket


When I first announced my pregnancy, I had lots of friends commenting on how they couldn’t wait to see all of things I was going to make. 26 weeks in, and I’m slightly ashamed to say that I haven’t made a single thing so far! That’s not to say I haven’t thought about it (I have, a lot) I just haven’t really had the time. So when it was time to decide on my third project for the Sew Crafty Design Team, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to get the baby crafting underway.

I’ve been planning the nursery for a while now, but have had my heart set on a monochrome scheme from to start. That’s not to say that the baby won’t have LOTS of colourful toys and clothes, I just want a calm, relaxing space that we can then inject lots of colour into with all of the baby’s things.

Storage is going to be key; I’m quickly learning that babies need lots of stuff. Clothes, nappies, bibs, more nappies, socks, and hats, that’s before we even get on to the fun stuff like books and toys. Although we’ve picked our furniture carefully, I also want lots of baskets and boxes to brighten up the room.

Whilst browsing the Sew Crafty website for my project, I came across the Sew Me Something ‘Throw it all in Bag’ pattern. Now, no matter how much this little one may take after me, I’m fully aware that it won’t need a handbag just yet. However, I thought that with a few minor hacks, the pattern could also be used to make a useful storage basket.


The pattern calls for 2 lots of fabric, 1 for the outer and 1 for the inner. An upholstery weight fabric is recommended, however I went for a lightweight printed cotton, with iron-on interfacing attached to help it hold its shape. I was immediately drawn to the black and white cross print for the outer, and went for a simple monochrome polka dot fabric for the lining.

Other than the weight of the fabric I used, the main changes I made were to shorten the straps (so they were more like handles), and remove the button loop (I wanted an open basket, and it also removed a potential choking hazard). I shortened the bag handles to half the length given on the pattern, and also used a 1cm seam allowance (rather than 1.5), so that they were a little wider. To help the handles lay flat, I stitched three straight lines down the length of the handles, giving a slightly quilted effect.


In terms of the pattern itself, it was really straightforward to follow. Printed on high-quality white paper (no paper thin tissue whatsoever!), and with clear step-by-step instructions, it’s a great pattern for beginners. From start to finish (including cutting out the paper pattern), it probably took about two hours to make.

The finished basket has worked out really well, and the handles have turned out pretty nicely (even if I do say so myself). It’s definitely going to be taking pride of place in our little one’s new room. This project has definitely given me the inspiration I need to get going with the baby crafting, next on the list is bunting, as I’ve got just enough fabric left from this project to make some for the nursery wall.

Disclosure: This post is written as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team campaign. The fabrics and zip were all kindly supplied to me by Sew Crafty free of charge in exchange for this post. I chose the project and materials to make it, and as always, this post represents my personal views.



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