Recipe Review: Madeleine Shaw Choc Chip Cookies

I've been gluten free for around 6 months. I'm not here to give diet advice, or try to convince you to eat a certain way, but for me it's been great. Going gluten free hasn't always been easy, surprisingly bread was fairly easy to give up, but what I truly miss are biscuits. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, possibly more than any other treat. I've tried a few different gluten free varieties from the supermarkets but they haven't managed to fill the biscuit void in my life.

I bought Madeleine Shaw's new book, Ready Steady Glow, a couple of weeks ago and saw a recipe for cookies, which Madeleine says will taste the same as traditional cookies. I instantly knew that I had to give these a go, and a few hours later, I was already baking my first batch.

My first attempt was both delicious and disastrous in equal parts. Delicious due to the recipe, disastrous due to me not following it properly. After at least 20 years of home baking, I still apparently forget to put the baking powder in! That being said, they were still yummy, but more like warm cookie dough rather than a biscuit to dunk in your tea.

My second attempt was far more successful, although I still think there is room for improvement. I'm still finding the cookies a bit soft, so I'm going to experiment with baking at a higher temperature and leaving in the oven slightly longer. Taste-wise though, Madeleine is right, these taste awesome! I think they are probably some of the best cookies I've ever tasted, probably due to the coconut sugar, which gives them a really good flavour.

The method for these cookies is really easy to follow, I used my kitchen-aid and managed to whip up a batch quickly. These are the perfect weekend treat that can be put together in no time at all. If you are new to this way of eating, you may need to purchase some new ingredients (coconut sugar, buckwheat flour), but the rest of the ingredients could easily be bought from most supermarkets.

I'm going to be adding this to the list of my 'regulars', they remove any temptation for the gluten variety, and I always like a bit of quick baking. I've also been consuming these with turmeric milk, another Madeleine Shaw recipe. These warming treats are certainly making this cold weather a lot more bearable!

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