Rediscovering Drawing: Lisa Congdon's Creativebug Classes

I’ve always been a doodler. If there is a random piece of paper, and some form of drawing instrument, you can pretty much guarantee that I’ve drawn something on it.

At Blogtacular this year, the Artist Lisa Congdon delivered the keynote speech. As well as giving a completely inspiring, confidence-building speech, she shared snippets of her sketchbooks, which instantly inspired me. When I then discovered that she had filmed some Creativebug classes, I knew that I needed to give them a watch.

Earlier in the year, I took the Basic Line Drawing class, which does exactly what it says on the tin. I treated myself to a new sketchbook, and some drawing pens, and spent a long evening drawing flowers and patterns. Over the next few weeks, I spent time experimenting with different shapes and colours, some worked well, others were not so good. I found the circle patterns to be particularly effective and started experimenting with mixing them with hand lettering.




Since then, I haven’t really spent much time in my sketchbook as I’ve been focusing on other projects. However this weekend, I found myself with a free afternoon and evening, and started the next class, Sketchbook Explorations. In this class, Lisa teaches you how to use other materials to make some seriously impressive sketchbook pages. Armed with watercolours, felt tip pens, and my trusty sketchbook, I spent hours creating bright, vibrant patterns.


The reason I love Lisa’s classes are that they are not focused on perfection, and although you are shown techniques and given lots of tips, there is lots of room for experimentation. I find drawing this way really relaxing, as I’m not too worried about achieving the perfect piece. I easily spent about four hours yesterday with my head in my sketchbook, only stopping for tea breaks!


Drawing in general is one of my favourite things to do, but I don’t find myself making time for it. I have a projects list with thing I’d like to make, but it tends to be set pieces of work. Drawing will definitely be something that I try to do more of; it’s perfect for a night in front of the telly! I’ve also still got some more of the Exploration classes to do, which I’ll share pictures of along the way.

On a different note, I’ve had my Creativebug subscription for almost a year now, and to be honest I haven’t really made the most of it. If there are any other subscribers out there, I’d love to hear your recommendations for good classes to take.

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