Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms

Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms

Disclosure: This blog post features gifted fabric from Crafty Sew and So. All words are my own and based on my personal experience of using the product.

Autumn is my favourite time of year; the weather turning cooler, pumpkin spice lattes, and an excuse to wrap up warm in lots of cosy jumpers and pyjamas. Each year I like to treat myself to some new loungewear ready for snuggling up on the sofa as the nights get colder. Pyjama bottoms with a big jumper and slippers are essential autumn and winter wear for me! Continue reading “Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms”

The Big Indie Christmas Gift Guide 2018

47682106_326597871527224_1802051591730102272_nI can’t quite believe it’s December 1st, where did the year go? With the year flashing by so quickly, I’m definitely lagging behind on the Christmas shopping. Amazingly, even with a new born last year I seemed to be more on top of my gift buying than I am now, ( I did most of it online during the night feeds!).

Having tackled a large, busy shopping centre only today, I get why people choose to shop online. Before you go filling your cart on Amazon though, why not spend some time looking at all the things indie sellers have to offer? If you’re finding yourself stretched for time, below I’m sharing a snippet of some of my favourite items (including a few from my own Etsy store). I’ve also pulled together a Pinterest board of over 50 gift ideas for your nearest and dearest featuring these gifts and more. Continue reading “The Big Indie Christmas Gift Guide 2018”

Brush Lettering with The Lovely Drawer

brush lettering workshop recommendationI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love letters. Typography, handwriting, calligraphy, I adore them all. I’ve given modern calligraphy a go and spent a whole 100 days practicing my hand lettering on-screen. However, when it comes to brush lettering, it’s something I’ve tried many a time but I’ve never quite nailed it. Continue reading “Brush Lettering with The Lovely Drawer”

Nine Months of Motherhood: The Story Behind the Mama Patch

ACS_0125This week marks a whole nine months since I became a mother. 39 weeks of having a beautiful daughter in our lives, filling each day with sunshine. When I look back over those 273 days, it’s easy to just remember the good bits. The sofa snuggles, the smiles first thing in the morning, that little giggle that never fails to lift even the worst of moods. Motherhood is wonderful, but admittedly it can be tough.

As well as the nine-month milestone, this week also marked a significant milestone for my business; the patches from my first Kickstarter were delivered. This post is a little insight into the story behind the patch, and why I’m so proud of them. Continue reading “Nine Months of Motherhood: The Story Behind the Mama Patch”

Mama, You Got This! A Round-up of my Favourite Mama Merch

IMG_1066I recently launched my first Kickstarter campaign, a positive patch for Mamas. I’ve been thinking about launching new products for a while now, but couldn’t quite find the right idea. Then it came to me, a patch that a Mama could buy for herself, or something that someone could give to a new Mum, or someone who just needs a bit of a reassurance that they are doing an amazing job. Pop it a jacket, stick it to a make-up bag, or stash it away in a changing bag, it’s a constant reminder that you’ve always got this.

Since having H, I’ve been so impressed by the amazing products created for Mamas/Mums/Mummies, and I’ve invested in a fair few of them over the past seven months! I wanted to share a round-up of some of my favourite Mama items, all from indies of course! If you’re looking for a present for a new Mum, I’d wholeheartedly recommend buying one of the following. Continue reading “Mama, You Got This! A Round-up of my Favourite Mama Merch”

Cake Decorating with The Sparkling Spatula

pastel theme buttercream covered layer cake with hand piped flowersI do love a good workshop! Over the past few years I’ve learnt to make felt, weave, sew my own pyjama bottoms, spray paint, and learn how to use my proper camera. I’ve also had a go at biscuit decorating, but not much else baking related. Now that I have years of birthday cakes ahead of me, I figured it was about time to give cake decorating a go! Continue reading “Cake Decorating with The Sparkling Spatula”

Sewing for Beginners: Where to Purchase Fabric

Copy of Farewell PartyThe next instalment of my Sewing for Beginners series is all about buying fabric! Purchasing fabric can be one of the most exciting parts of a sewing project, but also the most stressful! If like me you don’t have many fabric shops nearby, you have two options: travel far and wide, or buy online. Continue reading “Sewing for Beginners: Where to Purchase Fabric”