Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms

Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms

Disclosure: This blog post features gifted fabric from Crafty Sew and So. All words are my own and based on my personal experience of using the product.

Autumn is my favourite time of year; the weather turning cooler, pumpkin spice lattes, and an excuse to wrap up warm in lots of cosy jumpers and pyjamas. Each year I like to treat myself to some new loungewear ready for snuggling up on the sofa as the nights get colder. Pyjama bottoms with a big jumper and slippers are essential autumn and winter wear for me! Continue reading “Tilly and the Buttons Stella Pyjama Bottoms”

Toy Pram Bedding DIY

Toy Pram Bedding DIY

I’d been eyeing up an Olli Ella wicker toy pram for ages for H before I managed to find one in the sale. So many toy prams are pink and flowery, which really isn’t my style, and so I love how gender-neutral the Olli Ella ones are. After the pram arrived, I thought back to my own toy pram that I’d had as a little girl, and the cute bedding that my own Mum made for it, and instantly decided that I’d carry on the tradition.

This make uses leftover monochrome fabrics from the crafting I did for H’s nursery two years ago. I really love how they pop against the white wicker. This is also a really quick make, it took me just over an hour to make all of these items, meaning it’s the perfect nap-time craft! Continue reading “Toy Pram Bedding DIY”

Sewing the Perfect Work Dress: Tilly and the Buttons Stevie Dress

ACS_0174I’ve now been back at work for five whole months, and whilst there are many positives to being back, one thing that I’ve not loved so much is my work wardrobe. I’ve got a rail full of clothes, but there is little that brings me true joy. Add into the mix a super hot summer, and I have been struggling with what to wear. I’m definitely a dress for cold weather kind of girl; warm jumpers and thick socks are my friends.

My heart almost burst with happiness when I saw the Stevie dress launch, it was the answer to all my summer work-wear woes. Good neckline (I don’t do low cut), decent length (I’m tall), and not too tight around the middle (post-baby tummy). On paper, it truly is my dream dress. Needless to say, I ordered it straight away! Continue reading “Sewing the Perfect Work Dress: Tilly and the Buttons Stevie Dress”

Keeping it Cosy: Sewing Stella Joggers

ACS_0139Here’s some things you should know about me. I feel the cold a lot. I love wearing skinny jeans, but at home I’m most happy in a pair of cosy joggers or pjs, curled up with a huge mug of tea. When my copy of ‘Stretch’ by Tilly and the Buttons popped through the letterbox, the Stella hoody and joggers were one of the first items added to my make list. Continue reading “Keeping it Cosy: Sewing Stella Joggers”

Reuniting with my Sewing Machine: Tilly and the Buttons Freya Dress

handmade yellow freya jersey dressI’m super-excited to share with you my first dressmaking project as a Mum! My sewing machine hasn’t been touched for a while, so it felt really good to be making again.

From the day we’d decided that we would have H christened, I was dreading finding something to wear. My post-baby body and shop changing rooms are not friends at the moment. Most of my pre-baby dressmaking had been for work-wear (hello Coco dress for each day of the week), and some more casual bits for the weekends. I had never even thought about making a dress for a special occasion before. Continue reading “Reuniting with my Sewing Machine: Tilly and the Buttons Freya Dress”

Sewing for Beginners: Simple Projects to Get Started With

Copy of Copy of Farewell PartyIn my Sewing for Beginners series, I’ve already discussed what tools you need, and where to buy fabric. This is all well and good, but what do you actually make when you are a beginner?

I’ve said before that I truly believe anyone can learn to sew; some of us will take to it more easily than others, but essentially using a sewing machine is no different to learning how to drive a car, or operate the washing machine. The key to getting the hang of it is picking the right project to start with; something simple enough to complete in a short session, but impressive enough that you are left with something that gives you a real sense of achievement. Continue reading “Sewing for Beginners: Simple Projects to Get Started With”

Sewing for Beginners: Where to Purchase Fabric

Copy of Farewell PartyThe next instalment of my Sewing for Beginners series is all about buying fabric! Purchasing fabric can be one of the most exciting parts of a sewing project, but also the most stressful! If like me you don’t have many fabric shops nearby, you have two options: travel far and wide, or buy online. Continue reading “Sewing for Beginners: Where to Purchase Fabric”