Mama, You Got This! Ceramic Mug - Nurture and Cheer

Mama, You Got This! Ceramic Mug

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I cannot guarantee that this mug will make your kids sleep, nor will it make them eat their greens. It will not stop them throwing a fit in the supermarket when you won't let them carry the bleach, and it certainly won't prevent that moment where you change a nappy and they've pooped in it before you've even left the room. It will however remind you that you'd doing an amazing job, regardless of how cold the cuppa inside it has gone!

  • Mug is 9.5cm tall, and has a diameter of 7cm.
  • Mug can be washed in the dishwasher, but avoid the top shelf. Mugs washed in the dishwasher will fade over time.
  • All mugs come wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a cardboard box so that they reach you in great condition.