5 Key Thoughts from Blogtacular

Blogtacular 2016
Blogtacular 2016 (Photo: Mollie Makes/Will Ireland)

Before we begin, this is a long post, best read with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit! This will be my last post on Blogtacular, at least for a while. I intend to reflect properly in a few months time to fully understand what I got from the day and what changes I’ve made, but for now, lets focus on the event itself. I’ve already written about the wonderful people, and the inspiring photo walk, but what about the main event, the actual conference?

I woke up at 7am raring to go, doing my usual morning routine of going on Instagram straight away; it appeared that I wasn’t the only one excited! As I packed my bag, it felt a bit like the first day of school, but this would actually be fun and the people were probably a lot more welcoming. Continue reading

Blogtacular Photo Walk West 2016

Photo courtesy of The Happy Flat

I feel that this post should begin with some confessions:

  1. I hate having my photograph taken. I know most people say that, but I really do. My favourite photograph from my wedding day is of the back of my head.
  2. I have a camera, but I can’t use it (other than on the Auto mode).
  3. I don’t really wear colourful clothes

A photo walk should be my idea of hell, so why was I so desperate to get a place on a Blogtacular one? Continue reading

How Do You Write About an Event Like Blogtacular?

How do you even begin to sum up your Blogtacular experience in a blog post? This was a question I began to ask myself, and quickly realised that it couldn’t be done. At least not by me. There is just so much I want to say, that I’m going to be doing it over the course of a few posts over the coming weeks.

So where to begin? The photowalks? The party? The big event itself? Well, no. It’s something far more important than that. Continue reading

Why I’ll be Attending Blogtacular 2016


Blogtacular 2016 is only five weeks away. It’s safe to say that I am VERY excited, especially given that I booked my tickets on the day they were released.

For those of you who don’t know what Blogtacular is, it’s a conference for creative bloggers. I’ve been aware of the conference for a while now, thanks to Mollie Makes. I contemplated going in 2015 but was unable to attend as I had already booked a holiday. Looking back, although it pained me to see all of the wonderful posts on social media, I don’t think I was ready. I should stress immediately that this is not a reflection on the conference itself. For me personally, I know that this year, I’m feeling more confident in general about my blog, and that will enable me to make the most of the event. Continue reading