Make and Meet Takeover

Welcome to the takeover!

My very first blog post was about attending a local crafting event, Make and Meet hosted by The Peachy Pair. That was way back in March 2015. Long story short, I had a fantastic evening and met a lovely lady named Rachel.

Fast forward 14 months, I’m still blogging, Rachel has set up her own business, and for one night only, we would be taking over Make and Meet. The notion of Make and Meet is simple, you take along some crafting, you eat lovely cake, drink cups of tea, and chat. We could have simply ‘co-hosted’ the event, but me and Rachel both like a bit of a crafty challenge. We decided that we would run a workshop, teaching local crafty folk how to make a lovely fabric banner. Continue reading “Make and Meet Takeover”

A New Crafty Adventure… Make and Meet!

2014 was a major year for me craft-wise, creating the many, many handmade things I wanted for my wedding, but more on that another time. Truth be told, immediately after the wedding I needed a break from all things craft, and also needed to surrender the sewing room so that my new husband could use it as a space to study for his NVQ.

Fast forward to 2015, inspired by the Sewing Bee, I decided that me and my sewing machine needed to be together again (And also that I needed a Claudia-esque fringe. Yes, I took the plunge). Alongside this, my good friend Fizz was ploughing ahead with her craft business, leaving me completely inspired to be creative again. At one of the craft fairs I attended, I met the lovely Merrie from The Peachy Pair, who told me all about ‘Make and Meet’, a new crafting event in my hometown. Needless to say, I was very excited. Previously I’d had to travel and pay to attend workshops to meet such like-minded crafters, this was just what I needed in my life. Continue reading “A New Crafty Adventure… Make and Meet!”