Being Proud of Who You Are


Two weeks ago, I turned thirty. I had a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends, who definitely spoilt me rotten. I was lucky enough to receive lots of wonderful gifts, and I can say that all of them were incredibly meaningful. From new pin badges, to products from my favourite creative, through to a hipster colouring book, all of them showed that my friends and family really understood me.

One present in particular, meant a lot. Mr Makes commissioned a custom sunshine doodle from the wonderful Jo of Hello Sunshine. As you will spy from my Instagram, I am a big fan of Jo’s work, and I can assure you that she is just as lovely and sunny in person.

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Why Making is a Learning Curve


‘It’s all gone wrong!’ I wail from my craft room. I’m filled with that dreaded feeling that something hasn’t turned out the way I planned, or it’s beyond repair.

On Instagram, I’ve recently been sharing more of my doodles. Generally, I’ve been chuffed with them, but there have been a few that I’ve been really disappointed with. In particular, one evening, I came up with an idea loosely based on a doodle that had proved popular the week before. In my head, it looked fantastic. On paper? It looked dreadful. My immediate feeling was disappointment; I’d invested time in something that was now a bit of a waste. Continue reading